September 8, 2010
 Early Mornings
I have always loved early mornings - the portent of the day. The way the light kisses the trees. I am so expectant. The beauty overwhelms me....
Mary Torres, a California Poet uses words to express it so beautifully --

Love's Morning Rise

There... across the farmer's fields
she peeks shyly over the treetops
glorious and modest in her beauty.
Quietly without word she will rise
her presence warmth immediately felt.
This must be love.
Look at all that stand at attention
so vibrant with life they all become.
Sleeping flowers awaken
their petals glistening with dew drops.
Leaves rustling on their branches
with the gentle breeze she brings.
The grasses shimmering in green
basking under her early morning light.
There... look at the birds
singing dancing from tree to tree
full of life on this new day she brings.
The sky so vast and boundless
reflects the oceans with its vibrant blues.
Yes, it must be love.
Every sight gives miles of clarity.
Every breath gives life to a joyous heart.
Yes, it is love... love that rises
with the beauty of a morning sun.

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